Here you will find resources and tools to keep your PC running optimally, or that will assist AJH Design to do the same for you. As we are constantly adding programs and files to this section, please check back often. If you have ANY questions about the files or programs offered here, please do not hesitate in contacting us for clarification. Please take note: AJH Design assumes no responsibility for program performance or activity since we did not write any of these programs. Should you have a question regarding the inner workings or properties of any specific program, please contact the author of the program.

DD Agent. DD Agent is a software program that allows an AJH Design technician access to your computer so that repairs or maintenance may be performed by remote control without having to inconvenience our clients with tedious telephone walk-through instructions. If you would like to take advantage of this service, contact us and we will be glad to set up this service on your computer. Connections ONLY take place after your telephone request for service and you view EVERYTHING our technician is doing as it happens. You security and privacy remain intact since we will not be connecting without you being a part of the process. This tool is used only to save you money in avoiding costly on-site repairs and / or service.

DD Agent Instructions:



1.- Connect to the internet and minimize your browser ( Internet Explorer or Netscape )
2.- Start the DD Agent by double clicking on the icon for it
3.- Click on TOOLS
4.- Click on Notify IP Address. This will open a New Email window for you to send AJH Design your IP Address
5.- In the TO: line of the New E-mail - type then click SEND
6.- Leave your PC connected to the internet and do nothing. While AJH Design is connected to your PC, we ask you do not touch the mouse or keyboard as this will slow the process and connectivity.
7.- After you have been notified on your screen that maintenance has been completed, Click on the "X" to close out DD Agent
8.- Close your Internet Browser the technician will call you to explain procedure and findings.

More downloads will be made available soon. Thank you for visiting our site.

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