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Gray Lodge Wildlife Psv. Veterans Day Birdwatch  (Flash Video) 05/22/2011 /Gray_Lodge
Bobelaine Audubon Sanctuary  (Flash Slide) 05/22/2011 /Bobelaine_Audubon_Sanctuary
Ride Downtown to Mass  (Flash Slide) 09/26/2010 /09-25-10_Ride
American River at Home  (Flash Slide) 09/20/2010 /American_River_09-20-10
California Capitol Air Show  (Flash Video) 09/11/2010 Youtube
Bike Ride to Davis  (Flash Slide) 08/28/2010 /Davis_Ride_09-06-10
Kids Triathlon Championship 2010  (Flash Slide) 09/06/2010 /Picasa Web Albums
Long Barn, CA Fishing Trip  (Flash Slide) 8/20 to 8/23/2010 /Long_Barn_08-20-10
Washington State Trip  (Flash TiltSlide) 7/25 to 8/6/2010 /Washington_2010
San Francisco Bike & Visit  (Flash Slide) 07/07/2010 /SF_07-07-10
Bike Ride to Folsom  (Flash Slide) 07/01/2010 /Folsom_07-01-10
Triathlon #1 of 2010  (Flash Slide) 06/06/2010 /Triathlon_06-06-10
American River Wildflowers Bike Ride  (Flash Slide) 05/30/2010 /American_River_05-30-10
Walk On The Wild Side Family Nature Outing (Flash Video) 05/09/2010 /Wildside
Dixon May Fair on Mother's Day (Flash Slide) 05/09/2010 /Dixon_May_Fair_2010
American River @ Home  (Flash Slide) 05/02/2010 /American_River_Home_05-02-10
Mather Vernal Pools Revisited (Flash Slide) 04/24/2010 /Mather_Vernal_Pools_04-24-10
Missoula Children's Theater "Snow White" (Flash Slide) 04/17/2010 /Missoula_2010
Silver Lake, CA Fun in the snow near Tahoe (Flash Slide) 04/08/2010 /Silver_Lake_04-08-10
Dixon, CA Bike Ride (92mi.) (Flash Slide) 04/06/2010 /Dixon_04-06-10
Daffodil Hill in Volcano, CA (Flash Slide) 03/28/2010 /Daffodil_Hill_03-28-10
Alex & Nicole taking turns driving our car! (Flash Video) 03/13/2010 On Youtube
Sacramento Delta Towns Exploration! (Flash Slide) 03/15/2010 /Sacramento_Delta_03-15-10
Sheep Shearing Party in El Dorado Hills (Flash Slide) 03/13/2010 /Sheep_Shearing_03-13-10
Drive & Bike to Lake in the Woods State Park (Flash Slide) 02/13/2010 /lake_in_the_woods
Hike in Yolo Bypass Vic Fazio Wilderness Refuge (Flash Slide) 01/31/2010 On Youtube
Bike ride to Yolo Bypass Wilderness Refuge (Flash Slide) 01/23/2010 /01-23-10
Coloma Hike & Geocache (Flash Slide) 12/26/2009 /Coloma_12-26-09
Martinez Bay Bike & Geocache (Flash Slide) 12/22/2009 On Youtube
American Canyon Hike (Flash Slide) 12/06/2009 /American_Canyon_12-06-09
Amador & Sutter Creek Bike Ride & Geocache (Flash Slide) 11/27/2009 /11-27-09
Granite Bay & Auburn Bike Ride & Geocache (Flash Slide) 11/25/2009 /11-25-09
Granite Lake Hike high resolution stills (Flash Slide) 11/14/2009 /Granite_lake
Granite Lake Hike in El Dorado National Forest (Flash Video) 11/14/2009 On Youtube
Rancho Murieta Equine Cntr International Horse Show (Flash Vid) 11/08/2009 On Youtube
RMS Queen Mary & Russian attack Sub "Scorpion" (Flash Video) 10/29/2009 /queen_mary
SS Lane Victory Ship, Long Beach, CA  (Flash Video) 10/28/2009 On Youtube
Los Angeles Maritime Museum, San Pedro, CA  (Flash Video) 10/28/2009 On Youtube
Disneyland on Nicole's Birthday! (Flash Video) 10/24/2009 On Youtube
Los Angeles Travel & Family Pictures (Flash Video) 10/23-302009 On Youtube
Drive-N-Bike to Napa/Bale Grist Mill State Park (Flash Video) 10/04/2009 /napa
Century Ride (100mi.) to Lake Solano (Flash Slides) 09/06/2009 /century
Alex & Nicole Triathlon Video @ Rancho Seco Park (YouTube) 08/28/2009 On Youtube
Uncle Les Dances with Daughter Leslie @ her Wedding (YouTube) 08/22/2009 On Youtube
American River Exploration Video Near home (YouTube Video) 08/21/2009 On Youtube
G.I. Joe Runs the Zip Line Of Doom (Flash Video) 08/09/2009 /gi-joe
Amador County Fair in Plymouth, CA (YouTube Video) 08/02/2009 On Youtube
Bike Ride to Winters, CA (Flash Slide) 07/30/2009 /07-30-09_bike-ride
Lily & Michelle visit us from China (YouTube Video) 07/16-28/2009 On Youtube
Lily & Michelle visit us from China (Flash Slide) 07/16-28/2009 /lily_michelle
Sacrazombie Final Edit! (Flash Video) 07/25/2009 On Youtube
Alex's friend Sophia Lemonade Live TV CW31 (Flash Video/Slide) 07/25/2009 /lemonade
Triathlon #3 in Rancho Seco Park (Flash Slide) 07/12/2009 /Triathlon3
San Francisco & De Young Museum of Fine Art  (Flash Slide) 07/11/2009 /sf_07-11-09
El Dorado County Fair (YouTube Video) 06/21/2009 On Youtube
American River at Home (Flash Slide) 06/10/2009 /06-10-09
Memorial Day Breakfast w/Uncle Les (Flash Slide) 05/25/2009 /Memorial_day_2009
Nicole's 3rd Grade Play (Flash Slide) 05/22/2009 On Youtube
California Academy Of Science in SF (Flash Slide) 05/09/2009 /California_Academy_of_Science
Mather Vernal Pools & Abandoned Ammo Depot (Flash Slide) 04/19/2009 /mather
American River Spring Wild Flowers  (Flash Slide) 04/10/2009 spring_wild_flowers
Kida vs. Darth Vader  (Flash Video) 04/02/2009 airplane
Sheep Shearing Party @ Spin Web  (Flash Slide) 03/14/2009 sheep_shearing
American River Bike Ride  (Flash Slide) 03/13/2009 03-13-09
American River Bike Ride  (Flash Slide) 03/12/2009 03-12-09
American River Walkway near Home  (Flash Slide) 02/25/2009 02-25-09
Front Yard Flowers in the morning  (Flash Slide) 01/31/2009 flowers_01-31-09
New Guitar Slide Practice w/Reason Drum Loop  (Flash Video) 01/21/2009 /01-21-09
Big Trees State Park in the Snow w/Garcia girls!  (Flash Slide) 01/02/2009 /big_trees_snow
Ione, CA & Preston Castle  (Flash Slide) 11/29/2008 /ione
Grass Valley Christmas Fair & Cornish Christmas  (Flash Slide) 11/28/2008 /christmas_fair
Fall on the American River at Home  (Flash Slide) 11/25/2008 /11-25-08
Grey Lodge Wildlife Refuge, Live Oak, CA  (Flash Slide) 11/23/2008 /grey_lodge_11-23-08
Bike Ride to Causeway, CA  (Flash Slide) 10/18/2008 /10-18-08
Bike Ride to Folsom, CA  (Flash Slide) 10/06/2008 /10-06-08
Bike Ride to Freeport, CA  (Flash Slide) 09/27/2008 /09-27-08
Tri-4-Kids Junior Triathlon!  (Flash Slide) 09/13/2008 /Triathlon
Bike Ride to Winters, CA  (Flash Slide) 09/06/2008 /09-06-08
Standard Tuning Open G Blues Slide - Andy Style  (Flash Video) 09/04/2008 /slide_09-04-08
Day at the State Fair  (Flash Slides) 08/18/2008 /state_fair
A Week in San Francisco  (Flash Slides) 08/03/2008 /sf
80mi. Bike Ride to Dixon, CA  (Flash Slides) 07/28/2008 /dixon
Big Hay Truck Fire on I-80  (Flash Video) 07/08/2008 I-80 Fire
Giant Arm Digger on the Levee (Flash Video fr/Phone) 06/18/2008 /digger
Summer Vacation Photos Gallery I  (Picasa Web album) 06/14/2008 Syona I
Summer Vacation Photos Gallery II  (Picasa Web album) 06/14/2008 Syona II
La Purisima Mission  (Flash Video) 07/05/2008 /la_purisima
Pismo and Arroyo Burro Beaches (Flash Video) 07/03/2008 /beaches
Nimbus Hatchery Trout (Flash Video) 06/27/2008 /06-27-08
Roberta's Little Girl Kitten (Flash Video) 05/10/2008 /05-10-08
Wildlife around American River by our house (Flash Slides) 05/03/2008 /05-03-08
Nicole wins Spaghetti Eat Contest on live TV!  (Flash Video) 05/01/2008 /spaghetti
Kittens bouncing around!. (Flash Video) 04/25/2008 /kittens2
American River harvest Chamomile for Tea!. (Flash Slides) 04/23/2008 /chamomile
Effie Yeaw Nature Center hike. (Flash Slides) 04/19/2008 /effie_yeaw_04-19-08
Bike Ride to Old Sac/West Sac - 30mi. (Flash Video) 04/14/2008 /04-14-08
Cherry Blossoms in Front Yard (Flash Video) 04/04/2008 /cherry_blossoms
Spring Blooms on Front Yard Trees (Flash Video) 03/25/2008 /spring_2008
Bike Ride to Davis - 66mi. (Flash Slides) 03/24/2008 /03-24-08
Easter 2008 (Flash Slides) 03/23/2008 /easter_2008
American River Bike Ride (Flash Slides) 03/20/2008 /03-20-08
American River Spring Photos (Flash Slides) 03/12/2008 /03-12-08
First Ride to Nimbus Hatchery 2008/Spring Flowers (Flash Slides) 03/09/2008 /03-09-08
Around Sacramento w/Garcias (Flash Slides) 03/01/2008 /03-01-08
Bike Ride to Capitol (Flash Video) 02/17/2008 /02-17-08
3rd Grade Basketball Game (Flash Slides) 01/19/2008 /01-19-08
American River Winter Photos (Flash Slides) 01/17/2008 /01-17-08
Storm Aftermath on American River Trail (Flash Video) 01/05/2008 /01-05-08
Bike Ride on American River Trail (Flash Slides) 12/31/2007 /12-31-07
Sadie and the American River @ Home (Flash Video/Slides) 12/30/2007 /sadie_river
River Otter American River @ Home (Flash Video) 12/28/2007 /otter
American River @ Home (Flash Slides) 12/27/2007 /12-27-07
Kite Flying at Riviera Larchmont Park  (Flash Video) 12/26/2007 /kite
Bike Ride to Old Sac, Pocket Area, West Sac.  (Flash Video/Slides) 12/08/2007 /12-08-07
Bike Rides to Nimbus Hatchery & Old Sac  (Flash Slides) 10/13-14/2007 /10-14-2007
Bike Ride To Old Sac  (Flash Slides) 09/29/2007 /09292007
Big Sur Camping Trip  (Flash Slides) 08/8-12/2007 big_sur_album
Folsom Bike Ride - 32mi  (Flash Slides) 08/06/2007 /08-06-07
Old Sacramento Bike Ride - 32mi  (Flash Slides) 08/02/2007 /08-02-07
American River Walk/Swim  (Flash Slides) 07/23/2007 /07-23-07
San Francisco Trip (Flash Slides) 07/21/2007 /SF_07-21-07
Our Home & Garden Flowers (Flash Slides) 07/20/2007 /around_home
Uncle Les Cow Chasing & Horse Riding (Flash Video/Slides) 07/16/2007 /uncle_les
Dillon Beach, Sonoma & Napa  (Flash Slides) 07/15/2007 /dillon_beach
July 4Th Fireworks Show (Flash Slides) 07/04/2007 /July4th_07
Berry Picking Bike Ride (Flash Video) 07/02/2007 /berries_07-02-07
Nimbus Hatchery Trout (Flash Video/Slides) 06/30/2007 /nimbus_06-30-07
American River @ Home (Flash Slides) 05/27/2007 /05-27-07
Sacramento County Fair (Flash Slides) 05/26/2007 /sac_county_fair_07
Lopez Family Wedding (Flash Slides) 05/20/2007 /Lopez_Wedding
American River @ Home (Flash Slides) 05/19/2007 /05192007
Bike Ride To Folsom (Flash Video/Slides) 04/28/2007 /30mi_ride
Tommy Birthday / Earthday in Fairfield (Flash Video/Slides) 04/21/2007 /schmitz_04-21-07
Bike Ride To Old Sacramento (Flash Slides) 04/15/2007 /24mi_ride
Bike Ride To Folsom (Flash Video/Slides) 04/09/2007 /25mi_ride
Bike Ride To Capitol (Flash Slides) 04/06/2007 /20mi_ride
Echo Lake Snow Shoe Trip (Flash Video/Slide) 03/10/2007 /echo_lake
Chinese New Year Parade China Town, SF (Flash Slide) 03/03/2007 /chinese_new_year_07
Nicole's & Alex's basketball game (Flash Slide) 02/17/2007 /basketball_02-17-07
Lollie's Birthday Party 2007 (Flash Slide) 02/11/2007 /lollies40th
Nicole's basketball game 01/27 (Flash Slide) 01/27/2007 /basketball
13Mi. Bike Ride on the American River (Flash Slide) 01/15/2007 /bike_ride
Halloween Hoedown @ School(Flash Slide) 10/28/2006 /halloween_bash_06
Santa Clara Mission & University, CA (Flash Slide) 09/19/2006 /sta_clara
Great Basin National Park camping trip, NV (Flash Slides) 09/1-6/2006 /great_basin
Mather Lake, Rancho Cordova, CA (Flash Slide) 08/21/2006 /mather_lake
Sly Park, Lake Jenkinsen, Pollock Pines, CA (Flash Slide) 08/19/2006 /jenkinsen
Bike & Swim, American River, CA (Flash Slide) 08/09/2006 /bike_n_swim
Newborn Spiders, Home, CA (Flash Video) 06/20/2006 /spider
Empire Mine State Park, Grass Valley, CA (Flash Slide) 06/03/2006 /empire
Capitol Arboretum & Gardens (Flash Slide) 05/27/2006 /capitol
American River Parkway (Flash Slide) 05/25/2006 /american_may06
American River Parkway (Flash Slide / 2 Videos) 05/06/2006 /05062006
McKinley Park Rose Garden (Flash Slides) 05/06/2006 /mckinley
Historic Folsom by train (Flash Slides) 04/22/2006 /folsom
Easter Egg Hunt @ Hagan Park (Flash Slides) 04/15/2006 /easter06
Kilgore Cemetery Revisited (Flash Slides) 03/28/2006 /kilgore
Sacramento Superior Court & Judge Nicole (Flash Slides) 03/24/2006 /court
Effie Yeaw Nature Center w/Mary Louise (Flash Slides) 03/24/2006 /effieyeaw
California Capitol Air Show (Flash Slides) 03/18/2006 /airshow
The Blue Angels Swarm Our Neighborhood (Flash Video) 03/16/2006 /blue_angels.htm
Daisy Scout Troop #823 Meeting (Flash Slides) 03/15/2006 /dt823_03-15-06
Effie Yeaw Nature Center w/Alex (Flash Slides) 03/13/2006 /effieyeaw
McClellan Air Museum w/Nicole & Hannah (Flash Slides) 03/07/2006 /mcclellan0306
St Ignatius Tigers Basketball Team Pizza Party (Photo) 03/04/2006 tiger_pizza.htm
American River Parkway off Hagan Park (Flash Slide) 02/19/2006 /feb192006
Flat Alex Mails Himself to Auntie Lita & Uncle Randall! 02/15/2006 /flat
Daisy Scouts Troop #823 Meeting (Gallery) 01/25/2006 /daisy823
Benjamin Franklin's 300th Birthday Party (Slideshow) 01/17/2006 glass.htm
Planting Our Shade Tree 01/13/2006 /tree
Mist rolling off our fence in the sun (Flash Video) 12/06/2005 fence.htm
Re-Opening: Cathedral Of The Blessed Sacrament 11/27/2005 /cathedral
Sacramento Wildlife Refuge 11/11/2005 /swr
Nicole's Journal for Fall 2005 10/31/2005 /journal
Our Kitten Adventure Begins! 10/20/2005 /kittens
Kilgore Cemetery Visit 10/02/2005 /kilgore
Papa's Repast ( A Gathering In His Honor) 09/11-12/2005 /papa
Redwoods State Park, CA (Camping Trip Photos) 08/17-23/2005 /redwoods
Aunt Joy & New Hammond Organ (Flash Video) 07/28/2005 joy.htm
Anderson Family Picnic 2005!  (Slideshow) 07/28/2005 anderson05.htm
Summer Vacation 2005! 15 Flash Slideshows!! 07/06-28/2005 /summer05
Shasta Caverns & Lassen Park (Flash Slideshow) 07/03/2005 shasta_lassen.htm
Memorial Day - our Dogs swimming in the American River 05/30/2005 riverdogs.htm
Bobelaine Audubon Sanctuary (Flash Slide + Video) 03/30/2005 bobelaine.htm
Our Aquarium Snail (Flash Video) 03/28/2005 snail.htm
Waxwing Cedars Flock (Flash Video) 03/28/2005 cedar.htm
McClellan Airplane Museum (Flash Slideshow) 03/10/2005 mcclellan.htm
Hagan Park hike (Flash Slideshow) 02/25/2005 hagan.htm
China Town New Years (Flash Video & Content) 02/19/2005 rooster05.htm
Fred the Turkey (Flash Slideshow & Videos) 02/14/2005 turkey.htm
Strawberry, CA - Playing in snow (Flash Slideshow) 01/17/2005 snow.htm
Goose Bath @ Mather Park (Flash Video) 01/12/2005 goose.htm
Mather Regional Park (Photo Gallery) 01/12/2005 mather.htm
Nicole's Class Talent Show (Flash Video) 11/10/2004 tk_talent_2004.html
Alex's Class Talent Show (Flash Video) 11/10/2004 k_talent_2004.html
Quail @ Effie Yeaw (Flash Video) 10/28/2004 quail.htm
Nicole's Artwork (Flash Slideshow) 09/02/2004 artnicole.html
Grover Hot Springs State Park (Flash media) 09/01/2004 grover.htm
Big Trees state park (Flash video) 09/01/2004 big_trees.html
Hagan Park Ducks (Video) 08/24/2004 ducks.htm
American River Parkway Hike (Slideshow) 08/24/2004 american.htm
Alex & his new Tree Rope & Cow Bell (Video) 08/23/2004 alexrope.htm
Alex 6th Birthday Celebration! (Video) 08/22/2004 alex_6th.htm
Monterey Bay Beach & Sand Castle (Video) 08/21/2004 monterey5.htm
Monterey Bay Aquarium Finding Nemo (Video) 08/21/2004 monterey4.htm
Monterey Bay Aquarium Jellyfish 3 (Video) 08/21/2004 monterey3.htm
Monterey Bay Aquarium Jellyfish 2 (Video) 08/21/2004 monterey2.htm
Monterey Bay Aquarium Jellyfish 1 (Video) 08/21/2004 monterey1.htm
Monterrey Bay Aquarium Alex & Shark (Video) 08/21/2004 monterey0.htm
Monterrey Bay Aquarium (Flash Slideshow) 08/21/2004 monterey.html
Lava Butte, OR 360 08/08/2004 download w/viewer
Bend, OR Train Passing (Video) 08/08/2004 train.html
Alex gets a scare in Prineville Park (Video) 08/07/2004 prineville4.html
Alex & Nicole & Prineville Pool (Video) 08/07/2004 prineville2.html
 Nicole Prineville Public Pool (Video) 08/07/2004 prineville1.html
Prineville, OR trip pictures (Flash slideshow) 08/06/2004 prineville.html
Tree House Imagination #3 (Video) 08/0320/04 tree3.html
Tree House Imagination #2 (Video) 08/03/2004 tree2.html
Tree House Imagination #1 (Video) 08/03/2004 tree1.html
Folkers kids Summer in WA (Pictures) 07/22/2004 folkers.htm
Facilitator's Office Picnic (Lake Natomas, CA) 07/17/2004 picnictures.htm
Facilitator's Office Picnic (Lake Natomas, CA) 07/17/2004 facilicnic.htm
San Juan Capistrano Mission, CA Panoramic 07/07/2004 sjcapistrano.html
San Juan Capistrano Mission, CA 360 07/07/2004 download w/viewer
Andie & Alex get Pillow-Whooped (Video clip) 06/30/2004 andie1.html
Andie takes a spin on a bike 06/18/2004 andie_bike.html
Nicole swimming lessons 2004 (like a cat!) 06/18/2004 swim3.html
 Andie swimming lessons 2004 (is a fish!) 06/18/2004 swim2.html
Alex swimming lessons 2004 (like a fish!) 06/18/2004 swim1.html
Nicole climbs a great olive tree2 @ Capitol (Video) 06/10/2004 nicole6.html
Nicole climbs a great olive tree @ Capitol (Video) 06/10/2004 nicole5.html
Alex rings the Capitol Bell (Video Clip) 06/10/2004 alex6.html
Harry the spider (Flash slideshow) 06/04/2004 spider.html
Gibson Ranch Park pictures (Flash slideshow) 05/25/2004 gibson.html
Alex more tickle monster (Video clip) 05/22/2004 alex5.html
Alex gets the tickle monster (Video clip) 05/22/2004 alex4.html
Alex wiggles his loose tooth (Video Clip) 05/22/2004 alex3.html
Alex shows tooth loss (Video clip) 05/22/2004 alex2.html
Nicole talks southern in big shoes (Video clip) 05/20/2004 nicole4.html
Nicole's crazy bird dance (Video clip) 05/20/2004 nicole3.html
Nicole - Twinkle Twinkle (Video clip) 05/20/2004 nicole2.html
Nicole tells a joke (Video clip) 05/19/2004 nicole.html
Alex tells joke (Video clip) 05/19/2004 alex.html
McKinnley Park rose garden (Flash slideshow) 04/29/2004 flowers.html
Bird is the word (Flash Multimedia Movie) 04/24/2004 birdistheword.html
Alex turns into a T-Rex (Flash media) 03/08/2004 t-lex.html
Acorn Woodpecker (Flash video) 03/03/2004 woody.htm
Nicole self portrait morphed (Flash media) 01/03/2004 nicolimation.html
Nicole shows her vampire teeth (Flash media) 11/07/2003 vlaah.swf
Anderson Family Picnic (.Pdf Slideshow) 07/31/2003 syre-anderson.pdf
Yellowstone National Park (Flash media) 09/17/2002 yellowstone.htm
Monument Valley (Flash media) 04/01/2000 monument.htm
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Bird Watching Photos (Flash media) 2003/2004 birds.html
WWI Color/Colorized Photos (Flash Slide) 1919 wwi
Grandpa Carroll WWI Homecoming (Flash media) 08/1919 wwi.htm
Grandpa Carroll WWI USS Mercury (Flash media) 08/1919 uss_mercury
New Orleans Skyline 1919 (Flash media) 1919 new_orleans.htm
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